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Cengiz Karabulut

GEOINT Officer at IOSI Global

Project IBEX / Dark Gene

Xichang Satellite Launch Center

- Control and launch system; - Fuel filling system; - Control and measurement system; - Telecommunications system; - Meteorological observation sy...

Saki NITKA Airbase


6th RBCN Defense Regiment – Military Unit 12086

Storage base for weapons and equipment of the RBCN. The facility is a large area that houses warehouses, hangars, repair workshop. - Aerosol Balancin...

Hormuz Kuhestak Ra’ad Anti Ship Missile Base

- Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Missile Command - Ra'ad Anti Ship Missile, It is a reverse engineered and upgraded variant of China's Silkworm Anti ...

Pan’kovo Testing Site

- 9M730 Burevestnik | SSC-X-9 Skyfall Testing Site - Nuclear powered, nuclear armed cruise missile, - The Burevestnik is one of the six new Russian ...

Armenia/Azerbaijan-Nagorno-Karabakh Border

- Image via - The city of Goris is a city located in the Sunik region of Armenia. It is located near the border between Armenia and Azer...

RAF Mayak Radar Base

- Russian Armed Forces (RAF) / image via @NLwartracker

Tabriz Misille Storage / Base

PLARF DF-21 MRBM Garrison

- The 646th Brigade based in Korla, is equipped with DF-21B/C missiles nuclear warheads and the DF-26 missiles appeared in 2019 and 2020 years. - Chi...

KPN Mayangdo Submarine Base / Navy Shipyard

- The Mayangdo Navy Shipyard and submarine bases are crucial to the operational status, repair and maintenance of submarine power in North Korea. It i...

Troposcatter Signal Complex

- The "Matla ol-Fajr III" radar is capable of conducting air surveillance missions to detect and identify targets in 2D. - The range of action of thi...

PLA Mumian Electronic Warfare (EW) Facility

- NATO ALLIED COMMAND TRANSFORMATION | NATO's Warfare Development Command | CHINA NEWSLETTER N.15 : ...China Is Ramping Up Its Electronic Warfare and ...

448th Missile Brigade

- Miliitary Unit Nr. : 35535 - Iskander-M, Operational Tactical Missile System (OTMS) - In 2019, the 448th Missile Brigade received operational-tact...

500th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

- Military Unit Nr : 90450 - 2nd Air Defence Division, - 6th Air and Air Defence Forces Army - S-400 SAM System

Sil-li ICBM Support Facility

- 24 March 2022 DPRK ICBM Test / image via - On 24 March 2022, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted an apparent...

Changsha Datuopu Airbase

- Southern Theater Command - PLAAF 54th Air Brigade - Youtube Movie: It is claimed that a 10-hour endurance flight test was carried out with the SU-...

Birjand MERSAD SAM Base

- Mersad is an Iranian low- to mid-range air defense system developed in 2010. It fires Shahin (Falcon) missiles which are reverse-engineered, domesti...

Pyongsan Uranium Mine

- Efforts to determine and verify the fissile material and nuclear weapon production capacity of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) ha...

EWR Site

Shiraz Electronics Industries

- Produces radar and electronic equipment for the Iranian military, including the Qamar 3-D search and control radar system for electronic warfare, ai...

Ura Guba Submarine Base

- Northern Fleet / Severomorsk HQ - It has a storage tank to collect liquid radioactive waste from the Akula class nuclear submarines it serves.

PLARF Base 61 UAV Regiment

- Base 61 appears to command a UAV regiment garrisoned in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang. Relatively little information exists about this unit ...

Kwakkot Choe KPA Navalbase

- KPANF Unit 164 - PUB. 157 (ENROUTE) / SAILING DIRECTIONS 2022 / COASTS OF KOREA AND CHINA (PDF) : - Kwakkot Ch’oe (39°49'N., 124°25'E.) is a r...

Isfahan Airbase

- 8th Shahid Babei Tactical Air Base F-14 Tomcat | 81st/82nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) - F-7 Fighter Battalion - PC-7 Training Battalion

DF-21 Garrison

- PLARF Western Theater Command 64 Base - PLARF 645 Brigade ( L : 38.593800, 106.226900 ) - Construction of New Facilities

Chongori Concentration Camp

- Kyo-hwa-so No. 12 | Reeducation camp no. 12 - North Korea has a complex variety of facilities for detention and forced labor. The two large-scale f...

Qingdao Amphibious / Support Base

- The North Theater Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). - One of PLAN's three major fleets is located in Qingdao city.

3K60 BAL Coastal Missile Battery

- Since November 2017, the Bastion-P battery has been deployed on Iturup island and the BAL coastal defense battery on Kunashir island... : https://iz...

Khatam Al-Anbia Air Defense Base

- Khatam Al-Anbia Air Defense ( Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force)

PLAN Ngong Shuen Chau Navalbase

- It is home to the South Sea Fleet Squadron 38081 and subbase to the naval squadron of the South Sea Fleet. via - The Hong Kong Garris...

KPA Unit 525 (KPASOF)

- 525th Special Operations Battalion: Under the General Directorate of Operations of the General Staff. -- Aviation Land Squadron -- Marine Sniper B...

152nd Missile Brigade

- Military Unit 54229 - 12 Iskander-M SRBM System - CNA - "Russian Forces in the Western Military District" (PDF) The 152nd Missile Brigade, based ...

IRGC Aerospace Forces Missile Garrison

- Sayyad-2 surface-to-air missile serial production inaugurated (2013) :

51st Airborne Regiment

- Military Unit 33842 - Airborne Battalions - Recon Company - Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion - One Anti-Tank Battery ...

Wollo-ri Nuclear Facility

- Nuclear Weapons/Warheads Storage / Manufacturing - According to Ankit Panda, the US intelligence community believes that the facility plays a role ...

Xiachuan Naval Base

Shahid Zarahran Industries

- Production, Optimization, Repair - Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces (NEZAJA)

Chiha-ri Missile Base

Pogonovo Training Ground

Milcom Signal Facility

Qingshui Airbase

- Western Theatre Command - Xi'an Flying Academy - 1st Training Brigade

Hotan Airbase

Sangnamni Missile Operating Base

it is equipped with intermediate range ballistic missiles(IRBM) via

1231 Combat Control Center

- Russian Federation Armed Forces General Staff, Strategic Missile Forces - "Perimeter or the Dead Hand System" - It is a complex of automatic contro...

Qom AD Site

Ministry of State Securit (MSS)

The structure of the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China currently includes 18 operational directorates, subordinate departme...

Leningrad Naval Base

Baltic Fleed

Hagap Underground Suspect Facility

the site and surrounding areas were put under watch by both American and South Korean intelligence agencies. Although the existence of underground f...

New Bombing Training Complex

New Facilitys, Targets

Birjand Air Defense Base

image via :

Novorossiysk Naval Base

- The base complex for warships and auxiliary ships is one of the largest facilities in terms of depth and length of the Black Sea Fleet. - A 1350 m l...

January 18 General Machinery Plant

Commemorative photo of Kim Jong Un with employees and managers of January 18 General Machinery Plant (Photo: Rodong Sinmun). Via

Hohhot Airbase

Troposcatter Mil-Comms / EWR Site

Chongjin Gulag

The photo was released by Fuji TV in Japan in 2004. A collection of women imprisoned in Yodeok Prison, Yodeok-gun. South Hapgyeong Province, known as ...

11th Coastal Missile Artillery Brigade

RF Black Sea Fleet - Bal Mobile Coastal Defence Missile Systems - Bastion-P Mobile Coastal Defence Missile Systems - Bereg Self Propelled Coastal Art...

UAV Airstrip

Wenchang Space Launch Site

Russia Hvardiyske Naval Airbase

- Russia Black Sea Fleet - Ukraine, Russian-occupied Crimea 37th Mixed Aviation Regiment Belongs to the 27th Mixed Aviation Division of the 4th Air ...

Kibong-Dong Hovercraft Base

Bespar Saze Composite

- Office of Qods Aeronautics Industries - Iran's Bespar Sazeh Composite, a company established in 2015, manufactures UAV fuselage and primarily opera...

Duncan Island

Russia Kant Airbase, Kyrgyzstan

Kant Airbase improvements and additions... Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. 23 March 2019

Tonghae Satellite Launch Complex

Sepehr OHT Radar

Kashgar Airbase

North Clover Military Base

RF North Fleed

Wonsan Air Base

Jiuquan Missile Testing Center

Missile Launch Pads


Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (IAMI) - Field of Activity: Design and manufacture of aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and othe...

Russian Federation Navy Baltic Fleet

The Baltic Fleet is subordinate to Russia's Western Military District (headquartered in St. Petersburg). The headquarters of the Baltic Fleet is in K...

Nampo Navy Shipyard

Early Warning Radar

Special Sensor Microwave (SSM)

PLAAF Hami Training Airbase

Western Theatre Command Xi'an Flying Academy 2nd Training Brigade

Dzemgi Airport

Airport Operator : Russian Air Force

Chodo DPRK Navalbase

Shigatse Airbase

New SAM sites under construction, UAV Command and Control Equipment, SATCOM, Underground Facilities, New facility constructions, WZ-7 "Soaring Dragon ...

Shandan North Complex SAM Site

Training and Exercise

IRIN Caspian Sea Fleed

Toksan Airbase

2nd Air Combat Command HQ

S-400 SAM Battalion

1537th Air Defence Brigade

Malard Missile Complex

Russia Air Defense Radar Base, Ukraine

Russian Early Warning Radar Site

474th independent Radio-Technical Unit. Military Unit 03522 A 70M6 Volga type Early Warning Radar run by the Russian Space Forces and is designed to...

Yusangni Missile Operating Base

The unit based at Yusang-ni has been variously reported to be equipped with the Hwasong-13, Hwasong-14 or Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic miss...

PLAAF Yinchuan Airbase, China

- Western Theatre Command - 16th Air Brigade

IRIAF Vahdati Air Base

- 41th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) F-5E , F-5F - 43th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) F-5F - SAR Squadron Bel 214

Novaya Zemlya Nuclear Test Site

At present, Russia conducts hydrodynamic tests at the site located on the Gulf of Matochkin Shar. Scientists use these tests to examine the fissile ...

Kwakkot Choe KPA Naval Base

Navy Unit 164

Aerial Bombing Training Complex

Peace Ruby Air-Defence Radar Network

Panjin Dong Naval Base

KPA Naval Force

Dandong Air Base

Northern Theatre Command 88th Air Brigade

Shahroud Missile Test Site

6th RBCN Defense Regiment – Military Unit 12086

Storage base for weapons and equipment of the RBCN. The facility is a large area that houses warehouses, hangars, repair workshop. - Aerosol Balancing...

DPKR AF Pukchang Air Base

Air and Anti-Air Force / M.Unit 447

DPKR AF Changjin Airbase

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Air Force


Yulin Naval Base

PLA Navy

Gadzhiyevo Submarine Base

Russia is saying goodbye to its last Soviet era ballistic-missile submarines: - Russia has announced plans to decommission the ballistic missile subm...

Pipagot Naval Base

Korean People's Army Naval Force (KPANF) West Sea Fleet

PLANAF Guiping-Mengshu Airbase

- Southern Theater Command Navy Aviation 8th Division 23rd Air Regiment H-6DU H-6G - Southern Theater Command Navy Aviation 1st Independent Regiment ...

Konarak Naval Base

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN/IRGCN) Southern Fleet, 3rd Naval Region

Sohae Satellite Launching Station

The Sohae Satellite Launch Station is North Korea's primary long-range ballistic missile and rocket launch facility. And it is North Korea's newest ba...

Khurba Airbase

The last Su-34 Fullback delivered to the 277th BAP at Khurba Air Base is seen at the return ceremony of four aircraft from combat deployment to Syria ...

Liancheng Airbase


Khalije Fars Early Warning Radar

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force

15th Coastal Missile and Artillery Brigade

15th Coastal Missile and Artillery Brigade

Bandar Abbas Airbase & SAM Site

Yongbyon Nuclear Science and Weapons Research Center

The center produced the fissile material for North Korea's six nuclear weapon tests from 2006 to 2017, and since 2009 is developing indigenous light w...


A-135 Moscow ABM System

Two-tier Russian anti-ballistic missile system for the defense of Moscow, with both endoatmospheric and exoatmospheric interceptor missiles. It uses t...


Anti Aircraft Artillery

13th RED BANNER MISSILE DIVISION / Military Unit : 68545

Storage and maintenance of ballistic missile warheads, fuel, oxidizer for missile system of the 13th Missile Division. Repair and Technical Facilities...

Okno / Window

- Russian Aerospace Defence Forces Opto-electronic Space Control Complex, - It is part of the Centre for Outer Space Monitoring, - Opto-electronic Com...

Hoejungni Missile Base

- North Korea's newest missile base. - Only 25 kilometers from the Chinese border. - This is the first time it has been confirmed that North Korea has...

IRIN / NEDAJA Sirjan Naval Mission Training Base

39th NBC Protection Regiment

- Military Unit 16390

Sagon-Ri Navalbase

West Sea Fleet

Rybachiy Nuclear Submarine Base

- It is the main base of the Russian Pacific Fleet. it is the only naval base of the SSN and SSBN of the Russian Pacific Fleet. - Nuclear ballistic m...

IRGCN Chabahar Navalbase

- Imam Ali Independent Navalbase - Naval activities in the Gulf of Oman, including intelligence gathering Participates in controlling Iranian territor...

PLAAF Manal / Uxxaktal Airbase

- PLAAF 68th UAV Test - Training Brigade

Dinghai Naval Base

127th Mechanized Division

- M.Unit Nr. : 44980, - In 2018, the 127th Mechanical Infantry and Artillery Division was formed with the 59th and 60th Motor Rifle Brigades, https://...

Sobaek-Su Academy

- Sobaek-Su Academy for higher education of Strategic Force personnel, Myodu-San training area. And ballistic missile-related facilities.

PLA Navy Base Djibouti

- The Chinese People's Liberation Army Support Base in Djibouti is a military base operated by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), locat...

Qods Aviation Industries

- This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD. - Qods Aero...

Belarus-Russia joint Baranovichi Airbase

- Belarus-Russia joint Air Force and Air Defense training center, - 61st Fighter Air Base, - Colonel Leonid Davidovich assumed the duties of commander...

ICBM Launcher Factory

- image via : - One such little-known cog within North Korea's vast missile infrastructure are five (formerly six) unusual b...

Tahran Air Defense Base

Cuarteron Reef

Subi Reef

- Satellite imagery from May 5, 2022 reveals 7 active construction sites on the Subi Reef Chinese military base in the South China Sea. via simularity...

Pakchon Uranium Concentrate Facility

- Initially, it was a factory built by the former Soviet Union to produce graphite used as decelerator material in a nuclear reactor. After the forme...

Matua Island Bastion-P Base

Majeel Marine Ranger Training Base

- Education / Sports Facilities - They have the ability to carry out operations in all conditions, including land, sea and air. He is selected from am...

Kanggye Tractor Factory No:26

- is the largest underground arms factory in North Korea. Also known as Factory No. 26 - It has huge underground sections that are entered into the u...

Puam-Dong Naval Base

- East Sea Fleet - Mugye-Ho / Puam-Dong Naval Base; patrol boats and landing craft


- Intermediate-range ballistic missile(IRBM) - Anti-Soviet Fortress

Damghan Missile Base

- “U.S. targets in the region and Israel are within the range of Iran’s missiles,” Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force, to...

Abu Musa Island

- Due to the depth of the sea, oil tankers and large ships have to pass between Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf and the islands of Greater and Lesser Tun...

UAV Flight, Test and Training Airport

- On September 8, 2021, the Jingbian Airport UAV Flight, Test and Training Center received the airport use license and was officially made available. ...

Tiksi Airbase

Uiju Airbase

- The airbase is home to the Korean People's Army Air Force's 24th Bomber Regiment, which has at least 32 Harbin B-5 (Ilyushin Il-28) bombers on site ...

Golmud Airbase

IRGCN Queshm Naval Base

- Saheb al-Zaman 1st Naval District - Control of shipping into and out of the Strait of Hormuz, supporting other districts. - Includes IRGCN headquart...

NDSA Chemical Materials Research Institute

- Research and develop ICBM supplies and warheads

Arctic Trefoil Base

video via , (39 mn), September 19, 2018

S-300PMU2 SAM Site

Semnan Drone Production Facility

- All military institutions, including the IRGC, Bassij, State Security Forces (SSF) and Army defense, are jointly active in this complex. This compl...

200th Mechanized Brigade

- Western Military District. - Pechenga district of the Murmansk region, - 15-20 km from the border of the Russian Federation with Norway > - Three m...


Korean People's Army (KPA)

Aerostat Base

- The early warning system utilizing an airship floating with helium gas, which may be the first of its kind in the world, appears to be watching the ...

IRGCN 4nd Naval District / Naval Base

- Headquartered at Asaluyeh; responsible for the central Persian Gulf

Fiery Cross Reef

- According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, it is "the most advanced of China's bases" in the South China Sea's disputed areas,...

Pan’kovo Testing Site

- 9M730 Burevestnik | SSC-X-9 Skyfall Testing Site - Nuclear powered, nuclear armed cruise missile, - The Burevestnik is one of the six new Russian s...

Panghyon Light Aircraft / Missile Factory

Gadzhiyevo Submarine Naval Base

Dingxin-Shuangchengzi Airbase

PLAAF Flight Test and Training

416 Missile Group

- In the 2nd Sea Zone and is 40 km from the coast

Qingdao Navalbase

- China's first comprehensive support base for aircraft carriers, - The largest naval base in the North Sea fleet and a maintenance dock that can repa...

Aoji-ri Chemical Complex

UDMH is an important liquid rocket engine fuel and is critical to North Korea’s long-range missile programs as it is used by the Hwasong-12 intermed...

Zapadnaya Litsa (Submarine) Naval Base

- It is the base of the Russian Navy Northern Fleet, - It is 45 kilometers from the state border with Norway.

Suixi Airbase

- Suixi Airbase has been undergoing renovation and expansion works since 2020. - Command : Southern Theatre Command - Base : Nanning Base - Brigade : ...

IRIN/IRGCN 2nd Naval Base Bushehr

Headquartered at Bushehr, responsible for the north-central Persian Gulf

Anti-American Countries

- China is the most anti American country with 88% of its population hates USA and its government - China has a history of anti-American beginning wit...

Thaesong Machine Plant | Chamjin Missile Factory

- Image : The IRGC's first Scud B shopping trip to North Korea... - The Thaesong Machine Factory is a large complex and a major manufacturer of the DP...

Ugolny(Anadyr) Airport / Airbase

Image, April 2021 : ...Russian strategic bombers escorted by fighter jets tested US air defenses with flights off the coast of Alaska ... via

Imam Ali Garrison Missile Silo Base

- Depot and Launching Site for Shahab 3 Missiles - As the Iran-Iraq war continued, operations from the "Shahid Montazeri Garrison" and firing from lau...

Mischief Reef

Mischief Reef Mischief Reef is a low-tide elevation located in the Spratly Islands. China first took possession of the feature in 1994. U.S. Board of ...

Panghyon North Airbase

Pukguksong-2 (KN-15); A modification of the KN-11 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM),[ii] also known as the Pukguksong-1 (Polaris-1), the P...

Bandar Abbas Iran Navy Base

- 1st Marine District - Headquarters of IRIN

Russia 1411 Artillery Ammunition Depot / Moldova

- The ammunition depot in Cobasna is guarded by the Operational Group of the Russian Forces (OGRRF- The unrecognized breakaway state of Transnistria c...

Yeongjeo-dong UG Missile Base

- In October 2000, when Madeline Albright met with Kim Jong Il, she raised the issue of an agreement to verifiably eliminate North Korea’s long-rang...

NEZAJA 840th Missile Group Base

- There are 847th and 848th missile battalions equipped with Zelzal-3, Nazeat-10 and Fajr-5 long range rockets

South China Sea, Woody Island

South China Sea

Sinpo Naval Shipyard

- Sinpo South Naval Shipyard, shipyards produced the Sinpo class submarine. - Sinpo-C ballistic missile submarine (SSB) and Sinpo class experimental b...

235th Missile Ivanovsky Regiment

- The 27th Guard Missile of the Strategic Missile Forces is the 54th Guards Missile Order regiment of the Kutuzov Division of the Vitebsk Red Banner A...

Kermanshah Missile Base

- Iran's very first missile base and first missile tunnel - Launch Site, Arsenal

Xiaopingdao PLAN Submarine Base

- Operated by the North Sea Fleet, - This base prepares submarines for operational service

Sunchon Airbase

- 1st Air Combat Division - 1017 Air Battalion | Su-25K/UBK - 55th Air and Anti-Air Battalion | MiG-29B/UB

Vladivostok Naval Base

Headquarters of the Russian Pacific Fleet - Kilo Class Submarine - Tarantul Class Corvette - Steregushchiy Class Corvette - Gremyashchiy Class Missile...

Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

- On May 24, 2018, North Korea partially demolished the punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, demolishing support buildings and tunnel entrances... - Given th...

Mashhad Missile Manufacture

- Missile Production, - Missiles, - Solid Fuel Engines - Zelzal-3, Zelzal-3B

Johnson South Reef

68th Marine Area Protection Brigade

- RFNF Black Sea Fleet - 149th Division Anti-submarine Vessels 053 1124M Povorino 059 1124M Alexandrovets 064 1124M Muromets 071 1124M Suzdalets -...

Delingha Strategic Missile Base

- ICBM DF-4 / CSS-3 - ICBM DF-31 / CSS-10 - MRBM/IRBM DF-21C / CSS-5

Hormuz Kuhestak Ra’ad Anti Ship Missile Base

- Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Missile Command - Ra'ad Anti Ship Missile, It is a reverse engineered and upgraded variant of China's Silkworm Anti S...

Lipetsk Airbase

- It is the combat training center of the Russian Air Force

Sakkanmol Missile Base

- Although occasionally and incorrectly referred to as an “underground missile storage” facility, it is a forward Hwasong-5/-6 missile operating...

PLAAF Neixiang Airbase

- PLAAF Central Command - 106th Air Brigade - Xian H-6K , Xian H-6N

Missile Base Complex

- Khomein Tunnels and Underground Facility (Ballistic or Nuclear related) - Iran - Unreported Tunnels and Underground Facility located near Khomein, ...