Uiju Airbase

– The airbase is home to the Korean People’s Army Air Force’s 24th Bomber Regiment, which has at least 32 Harbin B-5 (Ilyushin Il-28) bombers on site as of 2010.
– In 2021 the airfield was converted to a cargo decontamination facility for containers brought in by freight trains from China. via wikipedia.org

Hoejungni Missile Base

– North Korea’s newest missile base.
– Only 25 kilometers from the Chinese border.
– This is the first time it has been confirmed that North Korea has completed an intercontinental ballistic missile base, according to a US think tank CSIS. It means that North Korea’s medium and long-range missiles have entered the real operational phase from the test phase. via February 9th 2022, voakorea.com

Fiery Cross Reef

– According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, it is “the most advanced of China’s bases” in the South China Sea’s disputed areas, with 12 hardened shelters with retractable roofs for mobile missile launchers already completed. It has enough hangars to accommodate 24 combat aircraft and four larger planes Fiery Cross reef has a runway long enough to land a Chinese Xian H-6N bomber; a bomber like this could perform combat operations within 5,600 kilometers (3,500 mi) of the reclaimed reef. via wikipedia.org
– A Chinese Navy patrol plane landed on Fiery Cross Reef in the South China Sea on Sunday morning to perform patient evacuation duties, according to Chinese state media.
China first made public the news that a military plane had landed on an artificial island in Fiery Cross Reef.
Chinese state media quoted military experts as saying that the landing of a Chinese military plane at Fiery Cross Reef Airport shows that the airport already has implementation capabilities. Naval patrols can take off and land, and warplanes can also take off and land. via voachinese.com , June 7, 2022